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Calling All Students!

By March 25, 2014Big Sail

Calling all students !

Book today, pay a small holding deposit, then pay NOTHING until your Student Loan comes in next term!

We know lots of you would love to join us this summer, but the end of term is synonymous with lots of parties, lots of spending and digging into the overdraft. We want you to secure the best possible yacht for your budget & we don’t want you to miss out by waiting to book until you get money next term, so we are offering you a special deal this week, where you can just pay your holding deposit of 30% (usually £70-£100), and then pay absolutely nothing until you have your Student Loan & can afford the next instalment! Even when that comes in, it will only be another 30% due then!

All you need to do is book anytime before April 7th, using a university email address (usually ends in and we’ll alter your account to only ask for the second payment during the week starting April 28th when loans are due in! Also, we are pretty flexible so if your dates are different for any reason – just let us know & we’ll tweak the offer to suit you!

Also, it is probably worth pointing out a little-known feature of our booking process: WE LET EVERYONE PAY INDIVIDUALLY. No longer is there a need for one person to take responsibility for everyone so that we can be paid in one lump sum. That was one thing that frustrated us about most travel companies, so we decided to cut out the middle-man and the hassle for you & let everyone pay directly! One person makes the initial booking, then you are given a booking page for everyone to access where full details of your booking, including itineraries, crew details, and the ability to pay in instalments is all on your group page!


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