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Top 5 Unique Sailing Destinations

By July 25, 2019April 8th, 2021Big Sail

There are no rules when it comes to exploring the world by sea! Organising a bespoke sailing holiday gives you the chance to get off the beaten path and explore the more unique spots that you come across. So get ready to beat the crowds next summer with our handy guide to the top 5 most unique sailing destinations in the world…

1. New Zealand

With 15,000km of stunning coastline, it’s a wonder how the islands that make up New Zealand have remained so unspoilt and peaceful. It may be quite a journey to reach this part of the far southern hemisphere, but once you’re there you’ll realise the trip was absolutely worth it! Start your trip at the famous city of Aukland, also referred to as The City of Sails due to it having the most boats per capita in the world. From here, set sail to some more secluded spots including Marlborough Sounds where you can feast on first class wine and seafood after a day of swimming with wild dolphins or test out your kayaking stamina in the aquatic Abel Tasman National Park.

2. Zanzibar

The year round average water temperature in the Zanzibar Archipelago is a comfortable 27 degrees, making it the perfect spot for a warm getaway just off the coast of Tanzania. Putting the stunning scenery aside, Zanzibar offers a huge opportunity to explore some truly one of a kind history including the famous Prison Island and the Old Arab Fort. There’s no better way to cap off a day of unique sight seeing than being anchored near a white sand beach and sipping on Zanzibar’s signature drink of lemongrass gin with bitters and fresh lychee juice!

3. Montenegro

The crystal clear waters that lap up against the coast of Montenegro are often referred to as the most stunning in the Adriatic Coast. Situated just south of the hustle and bustle of Dubrovnik, Croatia, this Balkan nation is the perfect location if you’re looking for a mellow experience of the Mediterranean. The most visited sailing spot of Budva Riviera offers the chance to experience a glitzy yacht marina vibe on a conservative budget! However, make sure you hit up the less famous spots including the unique Lake Skadar where you can walk around lakeside villages that were the 13th century battlegrounds.

4. Turkey

Stretching from Eastern Europe to Western Asia, Turkey is a truly one of a kind destination to explore from the seas. From the crystal clear waters of the Bodrum Bay to the bustling historic Antalya Old Harbour, there is a fascinating world waiting to be explored outside of the world famous Istanbul. Be sure to make the most of your onshore time in Turkey and experience the extremely unique and contrasting culture all the way from the stunning mosques to the less glamorous squat toilets!

5. The Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are a rugged, volcanic Spanish archipelago scattered off of the northwest coast of Africa. Known for it’s stunning beaches and distinct lack of canary birds, the islands are an amazing spot for getting up close and personal with whales and dolphins. The volcanic landscape means you can explore incredible black sand beaches and bathe in the volcanic blue pools on El Hierro Island. Onshore you’ll discover multicoloured coastal towns with stunning cathedrals and excellent Spanish style cuisine. For those brave enough, The Canary Islands have some stunning rock formations to climb.

Whatever your sailing plans for this summer might be, make sure your trip is one to remember with unique destinations that are just right for you! If you’re in need of some experienced guidance to planning your first sailing trip, check out our handy guide for first time sailors!

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