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12 DAYS OF SAIL-MAS: Poros, Greece

By December 18, 2019April 8th, 2021Blog

The volcanic island of Poros is an incredibly unspoilt gem in the heart of Greece’s Saronic Gulf. The lively waterfront is dotted with shops, traditional tavernas, and relaxed cafes. Beyond the bustling cobbled streets, you’ll find lush green vegetation, and stunning white sand beaches just waiting to be explored…

A landmark that stands out as soon as you enter the port of Poros is the island’s Clock Tower. Since 1927, this sight has emerged from the tapestry of rooftops that make up the typically Mediterranean skyline of the port town creating an amazing opportunity to climb to get the best view of Poros. If you’re willing to explore further into the island of Poros you can uncover incredible remains of Poseidon’s Temple from 520 BC. At the Temple sight you’ll be able to see the main structural ruins, however if you want to see examples of the significant religious artefacts you can make a trip to the Poros Museum. You can continue your discovery of the the religiously antique nature of Poros in the historical Holy Monastery of Zoodochos Pege. Cut into a steeply sloping cliffside pine forest, the Monastery feels like a deeply spiritual and secluded haven that is incredibly relaxing to explore under the natural shade of the pine canopy.

When it’s time to cool down you’ll be pleased to find that Poros is filled with beautiful beaches. If you’re after a lively beach scene then head to the white sands of Askéli. This is the largest beach on the island and is surrounded by bars, restaurants, and cafes that create a fun atmosphere that carries on into the evening with a buzzing nightlife scene. For a more intimate coastal experience then head to the calm turquoise cove of “Love Bay” the float in the waters shaded by the gorgeous pine trees that cover this island.

As the sun sets on your day in Poros, it’s time to enjoy the world famous Mediterranean hospitality. Right on the harbour front you can find Apagio, a traditional family taverna boasting an incredible menu of hand caught seafood with vegetarian and vegan options too. Here you can indulge in great food with a beautiful oceanfront view. If harbour front isn’t close enough to nature for you then take an 8 minute walk from the port to  find Kanali restaurant perched directly on the sands of Askéli Beach. Kanali complements its amazing seafront view with excellent meat on the grill, desserts, and pies. When it comes time to wash down your meal, you can find the cafe/cocktail bar Joy in the dead centre of town. Here you can relax with a coffee or a cocktail and the calming lounge music that floats through the warm evening air. Another great cafe/bar is the Cielo Sea Lounge which is perched on the coastal road where the isle of Poros meets the sea.

It’s easy to see why Poros is many travellers favourite Greek Island. Whether you’re looking for mythical history and culture, stunning beaches, or great food and drink – this is the island for you! You can start planning your very own summer sailing trip HERE and make Poros your sailing destination in the summer of 2020!


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