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12 DAYS OF SAIL-MAS: Vis, Croatia

By December 23, 2019April 8th, 2021Blog

Vis is the truly hidden gem of the Dalmatian Isles. Tucked away behind Hvar and a few other islands, Vis is the island furthest away from the Croatian coastline meaning it remains relatively sheltered from the waves of tourism that have reached Croatia in recent years. The island has also escaped the broad commercial development that has tarnished some of the Mediterranean due to the fact that it was closed to the public until 1989 as it was serving as the military and naval headquarters of Tito’s army. The military history has made Vis both naturally beautiful and culturally fascinating meaning it’s a must-see!

During the years that the island was closed, many wealthy citizens fled to safer parts of Europe. The majority of those who remained were agricultural producers who couldn’t leave the legacy they had built in the Croatian food and wine scene. As a result, when travelling few Vis you’ll be amazed by the amount of lush farms and vineyards you see! As soon as you float into Vis harbour you’ll come across a multitude of wine bars that excellently show off the homegrown food and drink! The most famous wine on this island is called Bugava and is made from a blend of world class white grapes for a fruity and light glass perfect for pairing with your lunch when you arrive in Vis. For the red lovers, Plavac is a historic, full bodied tipple that was described by Greek chronicler Agarthid in 300 BC as “compared to all others, it is the best wine!” Head to restaurant and wine bar Hum for the best possible wine tasting and light dining experience!

When it comes time to cool down, Vis keeps up the Croatian tradition of excellent beaches! Stoncica Bay is a short journey out of the main town and offers a great option for travellers after a relaxed swim in a protected bay in one of the few naturally sandy beaches on the island. Accessible by a 1hr scenic walk or we can recommend hiring a scooter or bike to get there in a fun and quick way. Stoncica has a restaurant, bar and volley ball court to keep your group entertained in the sun for the day!

As the sun starts to set on your day in Vis, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to great places to eat and drink! Pop into Frutarija for drinks overlooking the ocean. Another great outdoor dining spot that comes with an expansive Mediterranean menu of grilled seafood and veg then head to Fort George – the magical location and excellent cuisine makes it one of the most popular dining spots on the island so it’s best to make a reservation. For a more immersive experience in traditional Croatian dining then head to Roki’s and enjoy flame grilled meats prepared right before your eyes! Finally, if you’re looking for an affordable dinner paired with excellent wine just a short walk from the harbour then head to Konoba Kantun and enjoy the great service provided by food and wine experts – the locals advise not even reading the menu and just asking the waitstaff for their recommendation as all of the food is amazing!

Start planning your Croatian adventure HERE and explore Vis in all of its unspoilt beauty!

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