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24 Hours in Split, Croatia

By January 16, 2019March 23rd, 2021Blog

You’ve just anchored in the iconic Split Marina. Before leaving the tranquil Mediterranean waters to explore this Diocletian labyrinth, take a moment to absorb the iconic skyline! You won’t be able to miss St. Domnius Cathedral Clock Tower as it watches proudly over the humming city. Fight the urge to make a beeline for the pulsating market streets and take in this moment. The rhythmic crashing of waves providing an idyllic soundtrack to the white-hot Mediterranean sun washing over you. When you return after 24hrs in Split – you will not be the same…


There is no better place to take in Split than from the highest point in Marjan Park. Ditch the maps and just fix your eyes on the summit to the west of the marina! Your walk will give you the perfect taste of what is to come during your stay in Split. Pass through quaint shops and cafes that pepper these narrow, cobblestone streets and continue onwards and upwards! Your reward for scaling the many (many, many…) stairs that lead up to the summit of Marjan Park will be an incomparable view of the ancient city. Take a chance to indulge in the traditional Balkan style lemonade that the hilltop cafe serves. Top tip: the Balkan tradition is to add your own sugar so be sure to do this, or else risk taking a thirst-quenching glug of straight sour lemon juice!


From Marjan Park, you should have a clear view of some of the larger beaches Split has to offer. Forget about fighting your way through masses of crowds to get a spot there and head just a short walk further into the parklands away from the main city to discover one of the many secluded swim spots. You’ve earned yourself a nice cool dip after your trek to the highest point of Split!


Take a relaxing walk back to the town centre, it’s easy to find – just follow the water’s edge! If you enter the city walls through the grand entrance that leads into the underground market square you will be instantly immersed in the pulsing market rhythm of this city. Haggle your way through winding streets of markets and shops, making sure to keep your eyes peeled for the countless historic hotspots. Make sure to explore the grand St. Dominus Cathedral and come face to face with the Ancient Egyptian sphinx statues that guard the Temple of Jupiter. Heading inland from where you entered the city you will come across the stunning Park Josipa and the Diocletian Palace.


If you have a love for wine and history then take a short walk from the palace down Julija Nepota to the Diocletian’s Wine House. Situated in the exact spot of the first-ever restaurant in Split some 16 centuries ago, the Wine House also sits just metres away from the palace’s main square and former home of the Roman Emperor, on the street where he was assassinated. You can take in all of this history from the roman terrace while sampling the wines on offer, of which there is an almost overwhelming number (but don’t be afraid as the staff’s knowledge of recommendations is without fault!) Enjoy an authentic Mediterranean dinner and end your day in Split feeling full of culture and good wine!


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