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5 Things to do on Your Honeymoon in Croatia

By July 19, 2018February 11th, 2020Blog

Even if you have only ever seen photos of Croatia rather than visited this Adriatic country, you probably already have a good idea why the territory is well-suited to sumptuous honeymoons.

Given the country’s amazing wealth of attractions including stunning beaches and sunsets and palm-lined ports, you and your partner could feel spoilt for choice. Hence, we have decided to outline what we deem some of the best things to do when honeymooning in this particularly enchanting part of central and south-eastern Europe.

Take a romantic stroll around Dubrovnik

If you have caught sight of Dubrovnik in stock photos, you could be mistaken for thinking that the city’s breathtaking beauty in these images must be rather staged. However, you would be wrong; its array of stunning historical architecture and dramatic location means it lives up to its reputation.

Nonetheless, you probably shouldn’t try exploring it in the high summer; crowds of day-trippers could make the old-town alleys nearly impassable. Go in the evenings and early mornings instead.

Recreate a scene from Game of Thrones

While on the subject of Dubrovnik, you should probably stay there long enough to re-enact a scene from the hit TV fantasy series Game of Thrones. That’s because, yes, the city has long been a regular filming spot for the show, from which you might recognise the city gate, the Pile Gate.

That structure dates from 1537, while another heritage attraction – the Church of St. Ignatius of Loyola – is the backdrop to the steps where Cersei took her walk of shame, says the Brides site.

Pamper yourself on Lošinj

Croatia can make for a wonderfully relaxing getaway – and especially so on the island of Lošinj, where spa and beauty treatments of a broad range are available, says Rough Guides.

This impressive provision can be attributed – at least in part – to the medicinal plants and aromatic herbs that organically grow to extraordinary effect on the island. The main hotels even incorporate special two-person spa “rituals” into their honeymoon packages.

Try some taste testing

Head to the northwest of Croatia – and, to be more specific, Istria – and there’s a great opportunity for you to sample Ipša Olive Oil. Klaudio, the purveyor of this award-winning oil, allows visitors to check out his bucolic estate and treat-stacked cupboard, reports Bridal Guide.

Don’t leave the area without tucking into its truffles, too. You can enjoy an especially strong serving at Zigante, where even truffle ice cream is available.

Be over the hill… in a good way

Another good reason to visit Istria is its abundance of ancient hill towns, where there are plenty of stone archways and tucked-away gardens for you to enjoy exploring.

Istria is a good place for a road trip, given the forested slopes and cascading olive groves this trip would allow you to readily see. However, as Istria is a peninsula, it’s also ideal for a yacht charter in Croatia. It’s easy to book a yacht charter from our team here at The Big Sail.

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