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5 Tips for First Time Travellers

By May 25, 2019April 8th, 2021Blog

Setting off into the big, wide world can be a daunting prospect for first time travellers. The adrenalin-fulled mixture of excitement and nerves can often get the better of you and cloud your first time abroad. If you’re feeling overwhelmed whilst contemplating your first overseas adventure, then check out our 5 top tips for first time travellers!

1. Plan your route (but don’t always stick to it…)

The more you travel, the more you realise the world is an unfathomably huge place. With so many options of what to experience, it can be tricky to decide where to head to first. If you’re completely stuck for ideas, check out our Ultimate 2019 Getaway Guide for some inspiration! When mapping out a route for your journey, be sure to check out what there is to do in each town or city and make sure you give yourself enough time to make the most of it. This being said, don’t be afraid to change plans once you’re on the road. Often the spontaneous diversions to new places can be more amazing than anything you could’ve planned!

2. Look into what’s on

Doing some research into what festivals or sports events are happening in your chosen destination can give your trip a fun direction! There’s nothing worse than realising your leaving a city just as something exciting is happening the next day so take the time beforehand to see how you can line up your trip with any events you’d be interested in.

3. Seek professional opinions

There are thousands of individuals and companies that make it their business to help you plan a perfect trip, so why not look into finding a company that can help get you going! Take the stress out of organising a summer getaway with a company like The Big Sail who offer bespoke sailing trips that can take you around the world on a budget that suits you!

4. Make memories to go

You’ll be telling stories about your trip long after you’ve returned home, but make sure you have the photographic evidence to back them up! Check out our advice on how to take the perfect holiday snap to get yourself ready to take some picture-perfect shots along the way.

5. Don’t be afraid to connect

Travelling doesn’t just open up an opportunity to see new places, it’s also one of the best ways to meet amazing people as you cross paths with fellow travellers you never would’ve met at home. Don’t be afraid to get chatting with the new people you find yourself surrounded by. Whether they’re a fellow tourist in the bustling markets of Mumbai or your friendly bartender in a hidden Greek taverna – they could be about to become a life long friend!

Now that you’re ready to set off into the world, start planning your adventure here!


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