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7 Days Sailing the Balearic Islands: Day 1 & 2

By August 23, 2019April 8th, 2021Blog

The Balearic Islands are a stunning collection of Mediterranean hotspots scattered off the Spanish east coast. The largest island in this archipelago is the stunning Mallorca which serves as the perfect location from which to spend 7 days familiarising oneself with this incredible part of the world. A 7-day sailing charter from Mallorca will offer the opportunity to explore the natural beauty, diverse history, and delicious food of these isles. 

Day One: Palma de Mallorca

The picturesque and uniquely historic resort town of Palma de Mallorca is the perfect spot to start your voyage into the Balearic Islands. Located just a short journey of less than 5 miles from the airport, you and your sailing crew will be able to step off your flight and into this stunning waterfront city in no time. Once you’ve checked in with your vessel and met your skipper and host if you have one, try and pull yourself away from the breathtaking coastal views to embark on exploring the winding cobbled streets that sprawl out from under the utterly  impressive Santa Maria Cathedral. You’ll come across countless tapas bars, restaurants and cafes that will quickly settle you into the carefree and colourful Spanish way of life – don’t get too carried away though, you still have a whole week of adventures ahead of you…

Day Two: Port d’Andtrax

After an evening spent soaking up the golden sunset and buzzing evening life in Palma de Mallorca, you’ll wake up to a bright Mediterranean morning. The fresh sea air and breakfast, either put together yourselves or provided by your host, will get you in the right mindset to set off and discover what makes the Balearic Islands so special as you start your trip by sailing out of the bay and West. On your journey you’ll pass the world famous coastal gems of of Magaluf, El Toro and Costa de la Calma until you reach your glamorous destination of Port d’Andtrax. Known for it’s impressive and expensive holiday homes, Port d’Andtrax is a taste of Spanish coastal luxury. Once you arrive, you can choose to relax in the bars and restaurants that are scattered in the stunning harbour or venture inland to the ancient city of Andtrax. Nestled in the scenic valleys of Tramuntana Mountain, Andtrax is an incredibly traditional cultural centre. Home to markets, wineries and the famous Cultural Centre Andtrax, this stop on your trip will give you the chance to immerse yourself into living like a Spanish local and seeing Mallorca’s most famous modern art museum.


If a Spanish sailing getaway is your idea of paradise, keep an eye on our blog to read all about the rest of our 7 day Balearic Islands itinerary! Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or someone who needs some guidance on how to plan your first sailing trip, the team at The Big Sail are dedicated to creating a sailing experience tailored perfectly for your summer!


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