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Activities to Make your Next Family Summer Holiday One to Remember

By August 17, 2017September 13th, 2019Blog

There’s no better feeling than stepping off the plane and feeling warm air on your face.  But summer holidays can be more stressful than relaxing if the little ones aren’t entertained.  To help you keep the whole family happy, we’ve come up with some of the best activities you can all get involved in on holiday.

Enjoy the scenery         

Horse riding is a great activity that can help you see some amazing views, without struggling up a mountain juggling your tired children between you.  Horse riding is exciting for everyone and will keep the kids entertained while you soak up the scenery on the trek. If you’re not a fan of horse riding, maybe hire some bikes instead – either way, don’t forget to wear a helmet!

Try an alternative tour

Kayaking offers another way to see the sites while keeping the whole family happy.  Whilst this is not an activity for particularly young children, it is a great alternative to a traditional tour.  What better way to learn about the history of your holiday destination than out on the water, enjoying the beautiful coastline?

You will be given a safety briefing, life jackets and will be accompanied by a qualified instructor.  This is certainly a good workout and a great way to spend time together.  So whether you’re kayaking alongside the gondolas in Venice or on the beautiful Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Greece, this will certainly be an activity to remember.

Test your focus                                             

Holidays are all about trying something new, and archery is a great way to introduce the whole family to a new sport.  It is unlikely that your children will be taught this at school, so you will be introducing them to an exciting new sport.  Archery is all about skill and focus, and people of all ages can compete against each other. Before you go, read a beginner’s guide to archery, such as the one published by The Guardian. Which family member will hit the bull’s eye first?

Take to the trees

High rope adventure courses in the trees are becoming increasingly popular across the world.  It is a great activity for more adventurous children who want to climb trees at every opportunity.  However, it can also help nudge other children out of their comfort zone, and by the end, they will be completely at home in the trees.

Get out on the water                  

If you’re looking for a holiday on the coast, you should grasp the opportunity to go sailing with the whole family.  You can go for a day trip or even have sailing lessons and all learn a new skill.  Better yet, why not enjoy your whole holiday on the water and try one of the sailing holidays for families we offer at The Big Sail. Through us, you can hire our skippers to take you on your chosen route and show you all the best places to stop in the evenings, and can even help you learn to sail. If you are already qualified, hire one of our boats on a ‘bareboat’ charter and enjoy the route advice and local sailing tips we provide all our clients.

So there you have it, our best five suggestions for making your next trip the holiday of a lifetime.

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