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The Best Destinations For A Sailing Honeymoon

By January 25, 2018February 11th, 2020Blog

If your idea of romance is being stood beside your significant other as the two of you watch the sun setting on the beautiful sea, keep in mind that, for your honeymoon, you can watch exactly that… from a yacht! Admittedly, it’s only a taste of the benefits that you can reap from embarking on a sailing trip for your honeymoon. Exactly how else you can benefit will depend on where you sail, as the following examples of great locations for sailing honeymoons attest.


We just mentioned sunsets, and you can enjoy many beautiful examples of them when you sail to the Greek island of Santorini. It also has an abundance of white-washed buildings, cute villages and succulent wine that has helped make this a traditional favourite for couples seeking romantic trips.

In preparation for your getaway in Greece, you could book a Greek yacht charter which will provide everything you require for a sailing holiday around islands of the country. We offer a private yacht charter service whereby you can tailor the trip to satisfy your precise needs.

With this service, we – or, to be more exact, your skipper – can take you to nearly anywhere in the Mediterranean including, of course, Santorini. If you head onto the island, you can also enjoy luxury dining and private pool swimming, The Culture Trip explains.


On this central European country’s Dalmatian coast is Hvar, an island that has become popular for summer getaways, says the Brides website. However, it is also an especially alluring spot for honeymoons. The relative inexpensiveness of spending time in Hvar compared to other, honeymoon-worthy European settings is certainly a plus point, but far from the only one.

Hvar is, for example, an especially great place to check out fascinating architecture. This includes the fortress that rises above the island city. It’s a romantic sight, as is Hvar’s highest peak, St. Nikola. It’s not hard to imagine how much you and your other half could, in the years to come, enjoy regularly looking back at a photo of the two of you with either the peak or fortress in the background.

The British Virgin Islands

There are plenty of Caribbean islands that often seem like vibrant hives of activity; Jamaica, the Bahamas and Aruba are good examples. However, for a honeymoon, you might favour an island that is quieter and gives you much-desired privacy with that special person in your life.

Fortunately, you can enjoy this on the British Virgin Islands. It’s especially suitable to visit during December to May, Travel + Leisure reports; during that time, the islands have an idyllic and exotic feel that could make a memorable backdrop to your honeymoon.

Here at The Big Sail, our team can help you prepare for yacht holidays to Europe – including to all of the destinations detailed in this article. Crucially, we can enable you to easily rent a boat that can be expertly sailed to any destination of your choosing – where you and your partner wish to be.


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