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How to be an Eco-Friendly Explorer

By October 17, 2018September 12th, 2019Blog

The WTO reports that only 5% of the cash we spend as tourists overseas will end up benefiting the people or environment of that place. If this alarming statistic isn’t enough to make you want to travel more sustainably, let us prove to you just how easy it can be in 5 simple steps…

Support the real local economy

If you’re strong enough to resist the immediate allure of a cheap overseas market bargain, try digging around for locally made souvenirs. Whilst they often cost more due to the increased time and care that has been put into them, the support you’re giving to preserving culture and providing income to the locals whose home your visiting can make a world of difference.


Set sail on the seas

See the world from one of the most environmentally sustainable paths – the sea! Boat travel has far less impact on the environment than car, train, or air travel that all produce high levels of emissions. You can explore picturesque coastlines or enjoy a bit of island hopping, with some companies even offering bespoke yacht trips to ensure you and your travel buddies can hit all of your holiday destinations.


Recycle your knowledge

Return maps, brochures, and other tourist info once you’ve used it so that other travellers may benefit from your generosity while environment certainly does too!


Take a direct flight

Whilst the 17hr direct flight from Aukland to Doha certainly does not appeal to most, consider the benefits of taking a direct flight to your destination where possible. This minimises the amount of takeoff and landing time you have which are the periods when planes produce the most harmful emissions.


Ditch the plastic

Before you set off, invest in a BPA-free water bottle that you will be able to refill over and over again rather than wasting store-bought plastic bottles of water. Team this up with a fabric re-usable shopping bag to hold onto as you explore the shopping scene at your destination and you’re all ready travel sustainably!

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