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How to Take the Perfect Holiday Snap

By November 28, 2018September 12th, 2019Blog

Whether you’re taking a short city break, backpacking your way around, or relaxing on a sailboat – here are some words of wisdom to make sure you’re taking the best holiday snaps!Use a Self-Timer

The person behind the camera is often left out of all the vacation photos so don’t be afraid to ask others to take pictures of you at your favourite spots. If travelling alone, your camera’s self timer will be your best friend! Simply set up your camera somewhere safe and sturdy, set your timer, and step back into frame for as posed or as candid a shot as you like!


Get Up Early

It’s very tempting to make the most of having a sleep-in while on holiday, but if you can manage to get up early at least once in every new place you explore you will be guaranteed to get the best shots of your surroundings with the peaceful morning light and no other tourists crowding up the background.


Capture Candid Moments

Posed group shots will always work their way into your travel album, but candid shots will back more meaningful memories. So make sure you always have your camera close by to nab shots of genuine laughs in random locations, rather than orchestrated smiles in front of famous landmarks.


Get a New Perspective on Landmarks

If you want to capture a famous spot on your journey, try and reimagine it from a new angle or step back to include some of the scenery around it. Putting your own spin on a well-photographed spot allows your holiday album to be as unique as your trip will be!


Get Up Close to Wildlife with a Long Lens

If you’re exploring somewhere with unique wildlife, be sure to pack the right gear to photograph it with. Using a long lens or investing in a camera with a powerful zoom function will help you capture all kinds of creatures you encounter from a distance where you don’t have to disturb them or scare them into running off out of your shot.


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