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Mauritius: a Food Lover’s Guide

By March 6, 2019May 27th, 2020Blog

For a tiny island, Mauritius offers a huge amount when it comes to excellent dining! While you’ve been soaking up the sun, we’ve put together the top 5 spots to get your foodie fix in this gem of the Indian Ocean…

1. Le Flamboyant

Widely regarded as one of Mauritius’ most unique restaurants, Le Flamboyant exudes luxury. You’ll have the chance to explore the seafood-heavy menu whilst overlooking the tranquil indoor lagoon. Despite it boasting outstanding seafood options, its also one of the few spots on the island that caters extensively to vegetarians and is a great option for groups looking to dine in style.


2. Citronella Restaurant & Café 

Something you may not expect to come across in the tropics of Mauritius is a traditional Italian marketplace – yet there it is! Citronella offers a one of a kind dining experience that will transport you from one stunning holiday destination to another. Prepare to encounter hearty, authentic Italian dishes as well as some with a local twist! The elegant palm trees interact with traditional tuscan interior design to remind you that you’re experiencing this amazing Mediterranean menu without leaving tropical Mauritius.


3. La Plage Beach Club Restaurant 

Travellers searching for sun and ‘yum’ in Mauritius – look no further! This budget friendly spot serves locally sourced seafood on the shores of the breathtaking Evaco Beach Club. There’s no match for the dining ambience of sea and sand to make you realise what a uniquely beautiful part of the world you are in.


4. Annabella’s Restaurant

Experience something of the old world of this island at an elegant fusion restaurant. The menu takes the best parts of Mauritian and International cuisine and creates a wonderful blend that will tantalise your tastebuds. This unique culinary experience all takes place under the roof of the historic property of Le Telfair which simply oozes vintage charm.


5. Safran Restaurant

Similarly to Citronella, Safran will take you on an international culinary journey, this time get ready for India! Experience true Indian flavours in a modern open-plan set up that looks over the breathtaking Hibiscus Bay. The traditional island beauty of Safran’s interior design gives the outstanding food stiff competition. Just like La Flamboyant, this is a great option for vegetarians but be warned it is essential to book a table.


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