12 DAYS OF SAIL-MAS: Hvar, Croatia

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Our first stop on the 12 Days of Sail-mas was one of the most popular sailing stop offs this year: the vibrant island of Hvar! Hvar had great importance in ancient times due to its role as a strategic nautical position on the Dalmatian Coast, and now the island is home to some amazing relics to explore and a buzzing nightlife scene to enjoy! Read More

What to Pack for a Sailing Holiday

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Charter yachts are designed to give you maximum living space onboard which often doesn’t leave much space for personal luggage. Although there is a small amount of storage space in each cabin, you will have to share your personal space with some of the luggage or equipment you take with you.

Our top tip is to only take one soft bag per person (a duffel/hold-all is perfect) — hard suitcases are difficult to store and take up a lot of space. Just bring the essentials – if you can manage with just hand luggage, that will leave you with much more space onboard! 

Most basic requirements (cooking equipment, first aid kit, bedding, safety equipment) are provided so you will only need clothes, toiletries and your camera if you’re bringing one.

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7 Days Sailing the Balearic Islands: Day 1 & 2

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The Balearic Islands are a stunning collection of Mediterranean hotspots scattered off the Spanish east coast. The largest island in this archipelago is the stunning Mallorca which serves as the perfect location from which to spend 7 days familiarising oneself with this incredible part of the world. A 7-day sailing charter from Mallorca will offer the opportunity to explore the natural beauty, diverse history, and delicious food of these isles.  Read More

How to Skipper your own Sailing Holiday

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Whether you’re an avid sailor desperate to take your passion on holiday or just a sun and sea lover wanting to try out a new way to travel, skippering your own sailing holiday isn’t as tricky as you might think! Whilst there are certainly perks to the professional touch of skippered charters, nothing beats cruising around stunning sailing destinations with just your closest friends. If your brand new to sailing there could be a couple of hoops to jump through before your ready to take the captain’s seat, but luckily we’ve put together a handy guide to skippering your own yacht! Read More