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Sailing Diaries: 7 Day in the Ionian Islands

By June 29, 2019April 8th, 2021Blog

The Ionian Islands are a breathtaking collection of Islands in Greece that boast natural beauty, as well as stunning architecture from their time under Venetian rule. A more relaxed part of the Greek Islands, this is the perfect spot for a laid back summer escape! Have a look at how you could spend a week in the breathtaking Ionian Islands…

Day 1: Lefkas Marina

Start your trip in the quintessentially Greek town of Lefkas! This beautiful offers a huge range of bars and restaurants to kick off your Mediterranean journey. It is fairly busy, due to it’s proximity to the airport which also makes it a perfect spot to start your sailing holiday from. If you book an early check-in or if the yacht is ready earlier than planned then you’ll have the freedom to sail to nearby Nikiana for a quiet overnight stop in a quaint fishing village.

Day 2: Spartohori, Meganissi 

Tie up in Splilla bay to explore the stunning village of Spartohori that sits above the bay. Spartohori has breathtaking views of the mainland mountains across the Ionian. When you’re mooring up, local taverna owners will be more than happy to help (although you are usually obliged to visit their restaurant or bar!) This spot is filled with great traditional food & wine in plenty of local tavernas.

Day 3: Kioni, Ithaka

Your trip to the Ionian would be incomplete without a visit to the birthplace of Odysseus himself – Ithaca. We recommend taking time to explore Kioni, a picturesque village with traditional waterfront tavernas and amazing architecture. You can anchor by one of the beaches to the south side of the bay, or moor up on the town quay, stern-to with an anchor down & walk directly from your yacht into town.

Day 4: Agia Efimia, Kefalonia

Widely regarded as one of the most beautiful villages on Kefalonia, Efimia is filled with find bars and tavernas, and if feel up to walking further north you will find even more tavernas and some great views too! A lot of investment has been made to improve the quay here, so moorings are better than most and there are water and electricity points all along the quay.

Day 5: Fiskardo, Kefalonia 

Fiskardo is a bustling, cosmopolitan harbour that boasts some of the best views in the whole Ionian sea! Sailing in from Effimmia you can stop in many bays and inlets for lunch, swimming & snorkelling before heading to Fiskardo for the evening. Fiskardo offers a wide selection of cafes, restaurants, tavernas and also has plenty of cash points & shops. There are also showers in the port and a good ferry service if you have anyone joining late or departing early from your charter. There are also some fascinating caves to explore just to the south of the harbour. Fiscardo can get very busy in high season, so we recommend arriving not long after lunch-time to ensure you get the best possible mooring.

Day 6: Sivota, Lefkas

Not to be confused with Sivota Mourtos in the Northern Ionian, Sivota bay is a sheltered and beautiful anchorage in a large natural bay. Stavros taverna has it’s own pontoon if you want to eat at their restaurant – which is one of the best in the bay both for their food and the view from the upper terrace. The atmosphere of this spot is very relaxed and laid-back.

Day 7: Return to Lefkas

To finish up your trip, take your time and stop off and explore a couple of bays and anchorages on the Lefkas coast as you make your way North to Lefkas marina. Your yacht needs to be returned by 5pm but before that you have the full day to make the most of your final day in the Ionian. Lefkas has plenty of restaurants and cafes for a last evening meal, and there are also lots of arts and cultural festivals throughout the summer, which are amazing experiences if your trip coincides with one!


Now that you’re all set to start planning your Ionian adventure head to The Big Sail and make it happen!

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