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Sailing Diaries: 7 Days in the Sporades Islands

By November 8, 2018April 8th, 2021Blog

Legend has it that the gods created the Greek Sporades Islands by tossing a handful of coloured pebbles into the sea. The result was a stunning archipelago of islands that are just waiting to be explored! If you’re struggling to decide where to spend your summer 2019 getaway then check out our 7 day sailing diary of the Sporades Islands and be inspired!

Day 1: Skiathos

Skiathos is the most developed island in the Sporades, and with the island’s harbour just a few minutes drive from the international airport it’s the perfect starting spot for your sailing adventure! Skiathos is filled with picturesque whitewashed houses, and busy tavernas and restaurants – you will feel absolutely immersed in the relaxed Greek lifestyle from the outset of your trip.


Day 2: Tsougrias & Panormos Bay, Skopelos

Spend your Sunday relaxing in true Mediterranean style with a short trip from Skiathos to the unspoilt beach island of Tsougrias. Whilst exploring this tiny white-sand oasis you will be able to visit the beach cafe and restaurant, and traditional whitewashed chapel. Then head to the ancient village harbour at Panormos Bay on the island of Skopelos for the evening.


Day 3: Patitri, Alonnis

Once arriving in the harbour town of Patitri in the island of Alonnisos be amazed by the stunning snorkelling and diving spots. If you come above sea level by dinner time Patitri has a range of traditional restaurants and fun cocktail bars.


Day 4: Kyra Panagia

This mountainous island crops out from crystal blue waters and is home to a historic monastery charged with the responsibility of maintaining the beautiful coastline of Kyra Panagia. You are welcome to explore the monastery grounds that include artifacts from the 6th and 7th century BC and learn more about Greece’s cultural history before heading to soak up some sunshine on the stunning beach.


Day 5: Skyros

As one of the least busy Sporades Islands, Skyros has a unique character. You will find a crystal clear coastline, winding whitewashed streets, and a grand medieval castle that overlooks the whole town. Skyros offers on of the most authentically traditional Greek experiences in the Sporades Islands.


Day 6: Koukounaries Beach, Skiathos

In the true sense of saving the best until last, the beach of Koukounaries is widely considered as one of the best in the Sporades Islands. With stunning scenery as well as fun bars and restaurants, it is the perfect spot to finish up your Greek sailing adventure.


Day 7: Skiathos Harbour, Skiathos

Return to Skiathos Harbour to check out and start planning your next adventure!


Now that you’re all set to start planning your Greek adventure head to The Big Sail and make it happen!

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