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Sailing Holidays For Beginners: Do’s And Don’ts

By January 24, 2018February 11th, 2020Blog

There’s no more exciting prospect than that of your first sailing holiday. The chance to escape to the ocean and explore numerous cities is not one many would turn down. To help you embrace and make the most of every moment we’ve put together a list of do’s and don’ts for your first sailing holiday.

Do decide the best route for you

Whether it’s sailing around Croatia, Greece or the British Virgin Islands, deciding exactly where you want to go sailing is the most important thing. Yes, you can experience beautiful weather and breathtaking sunsets all around the world, but remember you’ll be stopping off for day excursions to explore different places. Always take this into consideration and decide exactly where you want to see the most.

Do carefully choose your company

Sailing with family or your best friends will make for some of the best days of your lives. Make sure to choose your company wisely, as you’ll be living in close proximity with one another.

Do make stop offs and explore

The boat is your home for your trip and is a holiday in itself but don’t miss the opportunity to make stop-offs. This is a chance to explore different cities and towns and experience a range of local culture. You might experience cabin fever if you don’t make stop offs!

Do take the opportunity to learn

If you want to sail the boat yourself, all yacht companies insist at least one person onboard has an International Certificate of Competence (ICC) for sailing. Alternatively, you can book a skipper to accompany you on your trip who will take care of the sailing. Even if you can sail, hiring a skipper will not only let you relax and enjoy your holiday, but they will know the best routes, where to stop and swim, and where to eat and drink. Take advantage of having a personal skipper and use the opportunity to learn about sailing. Skippers will be willing to teach and let you try your hand at sailing the boat.

Don’t ignore health and safety

While your trip is, of course, an opportunity to relax and have fun, you should always put safety first. Sailing holidays can be the trip of a lifetime, but you must be sensible and respect the rules put in place for your own safety. Before you leave, ensure everyone is aware of where the safety equipment is kept and how to use it. This includes life jackets, life raft, radio and flares.

Most boats will come with a first aid kit as a standard but always bring your own extras too. Make sure you pack prescribed medicines, plasters, seasickness remedies, anti-diarrhoea medicine, insect repellent and pain relief. You should also pack a flashlight in case of emergencies.

Don’t over pack

Remember that storage space is likely to be limited onboard, and chances are you’ll be spending most of your time in a swimsuit. Stick to the essentials and pack in a bag you can fold up when not in use, such as a duffel bag.

Don’t forget to keep hydrated

It’s likely that you’ll spend most of your sailing holiday out enjoying the sun, so it is essential you always drink enough water and keep hydrated. This is especially important if you are drinking alcoholic drinks. According to Health Line, some experts consider constantly sipping throughout the day, even when you’re not thirsty, the best way to stay hydrated. Make sure you are also wearing plenty of sun cream, choose a high factor and apply regularly, especially after swimming.

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