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Šibenik: Food Lover’s Guide

By January 27, 2019September 12th, 2019Blog

The ancient city of Šibenik was the first along the Adriatic Coast to be inhabited by the Croats, meaning they have had plenty of time to perfect the Mediterranean custom of great food! After a day of exploring this scenic and culturally fascinating location unwind at one of these 4 amazing food spots!

1. Pelegrini

If you’re after a true Mediterranean style feast in central Šibenik, then look no further than Pelegrini! From the terrace seating area you can absorb historic views of the city’s cathedral whilst the seabreeze swims through the Mediterranean evening air. Once seated, you will find a degustation menu that boasts a range of creative dishes that feature fine meats and locally sourced seafood. Each dish is accompanied by a specially paired wine and followed by traditional coffee!


2. Tinel

For the history buffs abroad, Tinel sits opposite St Chrysogonus’ Church, the town’s oldest standing church. The quaint townhouse style building offers two floors of seating inside the busy interior crammed with traditional artwork and a true Croatian homely feel. On a hot day, escape into the courtyard! Tinel offers traditional Croatian delicacies including pašticada (beef with plums in a wine-and-vinegar sauce, served with gnocchi) as a main, and dried figs in wine for a delicious dessert.


3.  Gradska Vijecnica

Continue your historic gastronomic adventure at this unique spot! Located in the old Venetian town hall, which later served as a Nazi meeting point, Gradska Vijecnica is easily spotted by it’s deep red facade and nine grand arches. Sample top local cuisine whilst overlooking the grand Cathedral and forecourt which has been used to film several iconic scenes of hit show Game of Thrones!


4. Uzorita

Take a 20min walk out of the Old Town to explore a Dalmatian menu rich with history. Since 1898, Uzortia has been hosting guests in the tranquil patio terrace that boasts a true Mediterranean vibe with a warm open hearth and vine-covered seating. The traditional design is carried through into the exposed stone walls of the interior of the restaurant where you will also find an old-fashioned fireplace. The vast menu offers just about anything you could ask for from a Dalmatian culinary experience – but the real star is the locally sourced seafood. Uzorita’s traditional experience is worth the trip!

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