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The Best Cocktail Cars in Croatia

By August 28, 2017September 13th, 2019Blog

Remembered for its breath-taking scenery, amazing sunsets and endless natural beauty, Croatia should be on everyone’s bucket list.  With the number of tourists up by a quarter in 2016, compared with the previous year, it seems everyone is discovering for themselves just what makes Croatia so great and you should too.  Even Game of Thrones was filmed here, so once you’ve visited King’s Landing (Dubrovnik) and are looking for the perfect cocktail bar to spend the evening in, we’ve got you covered.

Hula Hula Bar, Hvar
If you’re looking for amazing scenery, made even better by pitchers of cocktails to really get the party started, then this is the place for you.  This waterfront bar offers stunning views, especially at sunset as well as an unbelievable atmosphere from morning to night.  This bar is for those who want to party all day long; they also have loungers if you want to sunbathe or they serve beautifully fresh seafood in the restaurant nearby. People even anchor their yachts and swim to shore to enjoy the party.  You can even do a bit of star spotting here as Beyoncé and Jay-Z have partied here in the past.

Massimo Cocktail Bar, Korcula
For breathtaking 360 views over Korcula Old Town and the Adriatic Sea, this bar is a must.  What better place to watch the sunset than from a turret on the Korcula town wall, while your cocktails are delivered from below on a pulley system.  Yes, you read that right.  The pulley system is necessary because of the bar’s small size and because the top floor has to be accessed by a ladder, but it all adds to the charm of the place.

Kiva Bar, Hvar
This bar offers something a bit different and is a favourite of backpackers and yacht skippers thanks to its cheap drinks and old school tunes.  This bar is renowned for its tequila, what’s not to love?  Tucked away in a narrow alley just behind the waterfront, this bar is a must visit for all budget travellers who want to dance to all their favourite 90s tunes.

Buža Bar, Dubrovnik
In complete contrast with our last suggestion, this bar is not so cheap, but for a good reason.  This bar actually sits on the cliffs right above the sea which is why it is known as the hole-in-the-wall bar.  For unbeatable views and out-of-this-world cocktails this is the place to be on an evening in Dubrovnik.  From high up, you can watch the cliff divers and enjoy breathtaking views of the sea and Dubrovnik’s nature reserve, Lokrum Island.

Ka’Lavanda, Hvar
This secluded cocktail bar stretches up the ancient stairway in Hvar.  Following the cobbled steps, this bar epitomises everything European al fresco drinking has come to mean.  This bar offers very typical Croatian vibes and even has its own DJs playing, to get the night started.  It is easy to miss the actual bar as it is hidden away in the stone walls but if you know where to find it, this bar is a must.

We hope this has made you excited to visit Croatia and discover everything this beautiful country has to offer.  The best way to explore the whole country is by sailing along its coastline. A Private yacht charter in Croatia is an absolute must to make your dream holiday a reality.

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