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Tips to Survive the Heat on your Next Sailing Holiday

By August 17, 2018April 8th, 2021Blog

A sailing holiday could be a lot of fun for you this summer – not least due to the brilliant sunshine and warmth in which you could bask. However, if you aren’t used to a warm climate at home, the much higher temperatures overseas could have a few unpleasant but unheeded implications.

Here are ways that you could help yourself avoid nasty side effects of the heat – and so, during your sailing, free yourself to enjoy what is genuinely great about those warm temperatures.

Have a daily change of clothes

If you wonder what to blame for that horrible whiff floating from your feet or armpits, keep in mind that you shouldn’t consider sweat the sole factor. Contrary to popular belief, sweat doesn’t smell except when drying onto your skin, allowing bacteria to also come into play.

There’s a similar effect when sweat dries into clothes, as explained in a Mirror article. For this reason, when you remove clothes for the day, please don’t put them back on before washing them.

Regularly moisturise your skin

Another peculiarity that can often arise during summer is itchiness, which can be attributed to numerous factors – good examples being allergens, hives, and sunlight sensitivity.

Furthermore, frequent dips that you take in seawater could play a part. Soaking yourself in this manner is capable of drying out your skin and so irritating it. Hence, you shouldn’t skimp on the moisturiser – and, if you do feel an itch, resist the urge to start scratching.

Be diligent with how you apply suncream

When rushing to apply sunscreen over your whole body, you could easily miss one or two parts and so leave them exposed as you head out on that yacht.

Therefore, don’t forget to apply liberally – including where you would have swimsuit straps, as these can inadvertently rub off any suncream. Then, reapply after you have just been swimming or drying yourself with a towel. Be especially meticulous when applying to feet, hands and ears.

Drink water to stay hydrated

Naturally, you could become inadvertently dehydrated during hot weather if you don’t remember to keep replenishing your fluids. During that weather, it is advised that your daily intake surpasses the usually recommended couple of litres, as revealed by the London Evening Standard.

For this reason, you should never embark on a yacht trip without a bottle of water close to hand. You will appreciate this if your journey unexpectedly stalls for one reason or another.

Wear light colours on that yacht

For your sailing attire, choose relatively light hues, as dark clothing will absorb more heat while you are in the open air. Once you have selected your clothing for the trip, you can turn your attention to booking the yacht. You can book it from our team here at The Big Sail; we are happy to provide charters for a wide range of sailing holidays, about which we can tell you much more if you call 0117 230 5417.

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