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Top 5 Islands to Visit in Greece

By July 27, 2017September 13th, 2019Blog

Planning holidays in Greece? Want to know our top tips for the best Greek islands to visit while you’re away? Then read on to discover the island destinations you shouldn’t miss.

1) Hydra

Hydra is one of the most picturesque of all the Greek islands. You’ll see a stunning town built on a hillside, around a harbour that sports imposing stone mansions, so it’s no surprise that this Greek haven has long been a favourite of celebrities.

You won’t find a car or any other motor vehicles on Hydra, so you’ll be able to make full use of your sailing skills, get around on foot or use a donkey for your transportation. In fact, the latter have become synonymous with Hydra.

You’ll be able to enjoy clear water, beautiful beaches and secluded coves, all in lush surroundings. You’ll have lots of water sports on hand to enjoy too. Visit, and you might even recognise it from two classic films of the late 1950’s A Girl in Black and Boy on a Dolphin.

2) Aegina

Discover Aegina, for beaches that are second to none, rocky coves, quaint fishing villages, distinctive whitewashed churches, delicious local produce and a buzzing nightlife. Yet at the same time, you’ll find people visit Aegina to escape the crowds of other island destinations and to discover the ‘real’ Greece. Here you can enjoy a horse-drawn carriage ride or some of the best snorkelling around the Greek islands.  In addition, you’ll find one of the most important archaeological sites in all of Greece – the Temple of Aphaea, dating back to 500 BC.

 3) Agistri

Just a short journey away from Aegina is Agistri (or Angistri), it’s been called the “Green Jewel” for its lush rolling hills and beautiful flora; and it’s certainly an island paradise. It’s a sparsely populated island and much less ‘touristy’ than other Greece holidays, so you’ll have the chance to enjoy unspoilt, scenic beaches and villages. You’ll also see tantalising evidence of ancient civilisations which are yet to be explored by archaeologists. Agistri is the perfect place in which to wind down and get away from it all. Greece certainly provides holidays for those seeking serenity.

4) Poros

Disembark on Poros, and you’ll have the opportunity to mix popular resorts such as Askeli village, with stretches of idyllic beaches, crystal-like water and the pine forests, characteristic of the island. Aside from the beaches, visit the famous clock tower for views so stunning they make the stairs well worth the climb or for a change of pace, visit the Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi – a must-see while you’re on the island. Just remember to adopt a more conservative dress code if you want to go inside: no swimwear and you should cover your shoulders to properly respect the local culture. If you do so, you’ll discover an air of tranquillity, artwork of interest and more breathtaking views. Alternatively, step into the Citronne Gallery, to enjoy exhibitions by Greece’s most famous artists, it’s a gallery that could happily find a place in any capital in the world.

5) Santorini

Visit Santorini, and you’ll find plenty to keep you occupied on your holidays in Greece.  Hike the Fira – Oia trail for views of the volcano, the sea and the caldera, visit historic buildings, embark on a tour of the wineries of Santorini (and don’t forget to sample their produce!), then view the sunset in Oia.

Sail away to Greece holidays that will deliver a truly memorable experience.

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