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Top Evening Spots Just a Walk from Split Marina

By July 28, 2019May 27th, 2020Blog

Split Marina is a quintessential Mediterranean sailing stop off. Every evening, the bustling city and palatial views are drowned in waning golden sunlight. Beyond the immediate harbour, Split is a city full of lovely spots to spend an evening resting your weary sea legs after a day of seeing all there is to do in the historic city of Split!

Jadran Beach Bar

If you like your evening drink to be accompanied with a dip in the ocean, this is the place for you! Located less than a 10min walk from Split Marina, Jadran Beach Bar sits right on the edge of the crystal blue Adriatic Sea and gives you the options to drink, sunbathe, swim – or all three! This spot is extremely popular with locals and sailing groups in the know so it’s recommended to book a table or set of sunbeams for a small fee before you head over to unwind.


Monika’s Wine Bar

Monika’s is the perfect spot for wine lovers looking for a tipple a short walk from their anchored yacht. Despite the name, Monika’s is so much more than a simple wine bar! You and your wine loving crew enjoy a wine tasting including in excess of 50 of Croatia’s tastiest wines, paired with amazing locally sourced food platters and with expert guidance by the owner themselves. Best of all, if you want to take the wine with you and finish your evening relaxing with a glass onboard – Monika’s offers an incredibly convenient takeaway option!


Marvlvs Library Jazz Bar

This one of a kind bar is a bit further afield than Monika’s and the Beach Bar, but absolutely worth the walk! You can enjoy drinks and live jazz music in what used to be the living room of the father of Croatian Literature, Marcvs Marvlvs. Amazingly, the literary roots still run in this bar as it is currently run by eccentric Croatian-Argentinean poet, Tin Bojanic. Like much of this city, the bar is neatly tucked into the 15th Century Palace walls and has even been used as the set of scenes in HBO’s world famous drama: Game of Thrones. Marvlvs boasts a mix of high quality wines, spirits and beers served by the warm staff that breathe life into this quirky bar.


Paradox Wine and Cheese Bar

There are few things that pair with a warm Croatian evening better than good wine and cheese – fortunately Paradox provides both! A few years ago, Paradox actually had to move sites due to it’s popularity so they can now seat up to 90 people on their stunning terrace that is nestled into a unique Secession Era building. If you come along to see what all the fuss is about, expect to be treated to excellent dining with over 120 wine labels from all around the globe and incredible platters that consist of not only great cheese but dried meats and seafood. The friendly team at Paradox also run regular wine tastings, themed events, and live music nights! Be sure to check their website and see what they’re up to when you anchor in Split.




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