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Top Underwater Activities for your Next Sailing Trip

By July 4, 2019April 30th, 2021Blog

The beauty of booking a personalised sailing trip is the fact that you can cater your vessel to meet your exact needs and idea of fun! However when it comes time to abandon ship and explore the big blue make sure you’re all set with all the ideas and kit you need for an awesome time!


As a cheap and easy way to discover the world below the waterline, snorkelling is an absolute must on any sailing trip! Depending on your budget, you can spend as little or as much as you like on a snorkelling kit. A kit will traditionally include a snorkel, mask and quite possibly flippers which is all you need to enjoy this holiday hobby. The breathing technique can be a little challenging for beginners or children but once you get the knack of it there’ll be no stopping your aquatic adventure!

Underwater Photography

It might sound like a costly investment, but an underwater camera can cost less than £10 and can capture a totally different side to your summer adventures. Whether you want some fun shots of your travel buddies or some serene images of the submarine wildlife, a waterproof camera will enable you to create some amazing, lasting memories.

Scuba Diving

A bit more adventurous than snorkelling, scuba diving offers the possibility to get even more in touch with the ocean as you can dive deeper and for longer. In most countries, hiring scuba gear requires some training and an equipment hire fee. Alternatively, there are a range of companies that will take you on a group dive where you can partner up with an experience diver. Just search for one that works in your travel destination!

Find a Unique Experience

This one requires a bit of research on your part, but it will definitely be worth the effort! Before setting sail, see what underwater wonders are along your route. Some of the most famous spots include the Cancun Underwater Museum off the coast of Mexico and the Ithaa Undersea Restaurant that serves lunch and dinner under the waves in the Maldives!

Whatever you plan for your trip, make sure you make the most of this opportunity to explore the world underneath the waves! For ideas on where to spend your summer sailing adventure, check out our 2019 Sailing Getaway Guide.

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