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When is the Best Time to Visit Hvar?

By June 4, 2020April 8th, 2021Blog

Known as the party island of Croatia, Hvar has much more to offer than just amazing nightlife! A sailing holiday is a great way to hit multiple destinations in one trip, making it the best way to incorporate Hvar into a journey around the Mediterranean. However, choosing a time of year is absolutely key to ensuring you enjoy your sailing charter, luckily for you we’ve broken down the best times to visit based on what it is you want to get out of your trip!


For many groups, especially student charters, budget can take the forefront of planning any trip. Prices fluctuate dramatically over the entire Mediterranean throughout the year in terms of flights, food, activities/tours, and the cost of chartering a yacht. The cheapest time of year to explore Croatia is during the two shoulder seasons of: April – June and then later again in September – October.  The simple reason for this is that these times are generally a less popular time to travel within Europe. There’ll be no negative impact on your trip during this time, the quality of your charter will be just the same and you’ll have more of Croatia to yourself!



All of Croatia is fortunate enough not to experience the seasonal extremes that many parts of Europe do, however there are some peaks and troughs in the average temperature and being a small island, Hvar is especially susceptible to high winds that can ruin a day at the beach. So if you’re specifically after boiling sunshine or cooler breezes this could play a big factor in planning your trip. The warmest months for Hvar are from June – September, making this the perfect time for sun-chasing travellers. However, if stinking hot days aren’t your idea of fun, then you might be better off sailing during the cheaper shoulder seasons mentioned above!



With all of the theatres, museums and galleries, there’s definitely plenty to do in Hvar all year round! However if you’re after some specific cultural events or festivals then this will take some careful planning. In the months of June – July Croatia has a huge amount of activity: the Salsa Festival in Rovinj, the Festival of Popular Music in Split, the Lavender Festival in Hvar, Summer Festival in Dubrovnik and the St Donat Evenings in Zadar. This means that this is the best time to incorporate Hvar into a trip to Croatia! The beauty of a personalised sailing charter means you can hit whatever cities or islands you want to and ensure you don’t miss a thing!

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