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When is the Best Time to Visit the British Virgin Islands?

By July 19, 2020April 8th, 2021Blog

The British Virgin Islands are one of the most popular sailing destinations for holidaymakers seeking to unwind in one of the most picturesque and peaceful parts of the world. A sailing holiday is a perfect way to hit multiple destinations in one trip, making it the best option for travellers wanting to explore all of the incredible islands that make up BVI. However, choosing a time of year is absolutely key to ensuring you make the most of your sailing charter, and luckily for you, we’ve broken down the best times to visit based on what it is you want to get out of your trip!


For lots of sailing holiday groups, the budget can play be a huge factor in planning any trip. The British Virgin Islands are bursting with exciting activities as well as incredible spots to eat, drink and party, so you’ll want to save plenty of your travel budget for these! The unique ups and downs of BVI’s tropical climate means that prices in terms of flights, food, activities/tours, and the cost of chartering a yacht can fluctuate just as much. The most popular times to visit are Christmas/New Year and February, although the most cost-effective time of year to explore BVI is during the months of March, April and May. These months precede the hurricane season that takes place from June – November, these months are also relatively cheaper to travel in, however, due to the added risk of bad weather, it would be wise to invest in some watertight travel insurance!



One of the biggest draws for European and US travellers to The BVIs is the fact that whilst we’re experiencing our winter frost, The BVIs offer some winter sun! If your idea of the perfect Christmas and New Year season is unwinding on white-sand beaches under palm trees swaying in the gentle breeze and swapping mulled wine for a Painkiller Cocktail – this is the destination for you! From December – February you can enjoy temperatures in the comfortably warm mid-20s to mid-30s, with breezes of 15-25 knots – the perfect climate for days spent sailing, swimming and snorkelling before retiring to a vibrant beach bar!



There’s no shortage of fun to be had in The BVIs all year round, however, there are a few events and festivals that are highlights of the Caribbean calendar! During March you can enjoy the Caribbean Arts & Crafts Festival and the BVI Spring Regatta and Sailing Festival. In May you can take part in the annual Wreck Week, a celebration of all things scuba diving and underwater discovery! Possibly the most exciting and fun-filled time of the year in BVI are the months of July and August when the islands celebrate their ancestral heritage in the Emancipation Festival, during these months you’ll find the islands bursting with colour, music, dancing and street performances. Last, but certainly not least, the BVI’s are THE place to celebrate New Year in style, whether that’s with a Lobster BBQ and live band at Potters By The Sea on Anegada, or experiencing the world-famous ‘Old Year’s night’ party at Foxy’s Bar on Jost Van Dyke. The beauty of a personalised sailing charter means you can hit whatever cities or islands you want to and ensure you don’t miss a thing!


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