Top 5 Most Stunning Beaches in the World

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The countdown is on with just 70 days until the start of summer! This means you have 10 weeks left to plan your beach holiday escape. It might sound like a long way away, but between work and home life you’ve got better things to spend your down time doing than travel research. So, we’ve narrowed down the top 5 most stunning beaches that you need to explore this summer! Read More

Top 5 Hostels in Mykonos

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Mykonos offers a breathtaking backdrop against which you can swim, party, sail, eat, and drink your summer away. It’s easy to see why this spot won Best European Island in Conde Nast’s Best Island’s in the World: 2018 Reader’s Choice Awards. In this idyllic spot, the only tricky decision you’ll have to make is deciding where to stay. So we’ve simplified your search and found the 5 best hostels to unwind in this beautiful part of the world! Read More

Šibenik: Food Lover’s Guide

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The ancient city of Šibenik was the first along the Adriatic Coast to be inhabited by the Croats, meaning they have had plenty of time to perfect the Mediterranean custom of great food! After a day of exploring this scenic and culturally fascinating location unwind at one of these 4 amazing food spots! Read More

5 Ways To Cure Post- Holiday Blues

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We’ve all felt the post-holiday blues. Returning home to unpack and re-set your alarm for work will simply never compare to waking up in the Greek Islands! It’s enough to ruin anyone’s return to home soil. However, we’ve come up with 5 simple steps you can follow to soothe even the most painful post-holiday slump… Read More

24hrs in Split, Croatia

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You’ve just anchored in the iconic Split Marina. Before leaving the tranquil Mediterranean waters to explore this Diocletian labyrinth, take a moment to absorb the iconic skyline! You won’t be able to miss St. Domnius Cathedral Clock Tower as it watches proudly over the humming city. Fight the urge to make a beeline for the pulsating market streets and take in this moment. The rhythmic crashing of waves providing an idyllic soundtrack to the white-hot Mediterranean sun washing over you. When you return after 24hrs in Split – you will not be the same… Read More