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If you’re looking for a yacht holiday this summer, then consider Croatia, one of Europe’s sunniest spots. This exciting and increasingly popular destination is easy to reach from the United Kingdom, is home to some of the world’s most impressive Roman ruins and, of course, serves as the backdrop to some of The Game of Thrones’ most iconic scenes. But why choose The Big Sail?


An unrivalled yachting experience

 A unique itinerary!


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At The Big Sail, we’re passionate about providing the very best yachting experience to our customers. When you book a yacht charter in Croatia with us, you’ll be given your own comfortable yacht which will become your home. From there, you’ll be free to sail across Croatia from island to island, and eat, sleep, swim, snorkel and party – all at your own pace. What’s more, we’ll make sure your yacht is packed with everything that you’ll need to enjoy an action-packed week at sea.


The Big Sail will take you on a week-long adventure around the Croatian islands near Split. If you’d rather visit another part of Croatia, Greece, France, Italy  or anywhere else worldwide, check out our other destinations.


Trogir is where your Croatian sailing adventure begins! You’ll be introduced to your yacht (and skipper if you’ve booked one) before setting sail for the week at one of our hand picked marina’s. The marina in Trogir has great facilities and places for you to easily (and cheaply!) stock up your yacht with food and drink for the week, and Trogir itself has great nightlife for your first night of your holiday, as well as being a world heritage site!


Paklinski Islands

Our first destination after leaving Split is the Paklinksi islands, a small chain of islands scattered to the south west of the island of Hvar. Their jagged coastlines and deep inlets form some of the most idyllic and unspoilt natural bays in Croatia, which are perfect for rafting the yachts together at anchor, cooking on board and having a few drinks as the sun goes down. For those who fancy it, the sheltered bays mean it’s the perfect place for a late night swim.



An afternoon sail across the Hvar channel takes us to Vis Island, the farthest inhabited island from the mainland. Still untouched from the wave of modern Mediterranean tourism, its crystal clear waters, secluded sandy beaches and traditional local culture mean there are few better places to explore, swim, snorkel, dive or simply chill on your yacht. We moor the yachts right in the heart of Vis town, tucked away in a sheltered bay on the northern side of the island. A wander around the town in the evening will reveal some great local seafood restaurants and bars.



With bars, restaurants and boutique shops lining every edge of its medieval streets and open-air nightclubs on the waterfront, Hvar town offers everything you’d expect from a bustling Mediterranean town. We try to get there early to ensure you have plenty of time to explore, before getting ready for some of that famous Croatian summer nightlife. For those wanting to see more of the island, you can hire a quad-bike or scooter and take the coast road to seek out secluded beaches or venture up into the mountains.



A short sail from Hvar, Milna is the final island stopover before returning to Trogir. Found at the tip of a long bay that cuts into the western side of the island of Brac, it is a great example of a traditional Mediterranean village. The harbour is flanked by sandy beaches to stop at for a swim before mooring up in the town for the night. With a strong maritime history, it’s a popular stop for yachts when island hopping.



What happens on a yacht charter?


Our sailing itineraries are designed to help you make the most out of Croatia on your yacht, but you’re free to travel off the beaten track or spend more time in a particular area as you see fit. The most popular place to begin your yacht charter in Croatia is in the towns of Trogir or Split, where you’ll be introduced to your yacht and skipper (if you need one), before setting sail to the Paklinski Islands, a small chain of scattered islands with sheltered bays for a late night swim.


From there, you’ll travel to Hvar, a town with bars, boutique shops and restaurants lining every corner. If you want to see more of what the island has to offer, then you can hire a quad bike or scooter so that you can venture into the mountains. Just a short sail from Hvar, Milna makes for a great final stopover before your return to Trogir or Split. Milna is the perfect example of a traditional Mediterranean village with clear waters, sandy beaches and delicious food.


Of course, this yacht charter route is just one of our suggestions, but when you travel with The Big Sail, you have the freedom to choose your own path. If you want to check out a different island or spend extra time at a particular marina, then you can do exactly that.


What happens when you book a yacht charter?


Each of our yachts sleeps up to ten people, making them the perfect size for the whole family. As soon as you book your yacht charter in Croatia, you’ll be able to select a week and then decide whether or not you’d like to hire a skipper to do the hard work for you. If you prefer, and provided that you have the certification, you’ll be able to sail the yacht yourself.


Student discount on yacht charter in Croatia


At The Big Sail, we believe that a yachting adventure is a great alternative to traditional student holidays, so we offer a student discount on select yacht charters in Croatia. Click here for a breakdown of our student prices and to find out more about what we offer on our student yachting holidays.


If you’re ready for a once in a lifetime holiday in Croatia, book your break with The Big Sail. Click here to get a quote, or call our friendly team on 0117 230 5417 today.