Charter a yacht in Greece with The Big Sail

  • 1-week sailing holiday in Greece
  • For students and families


If you want to explore everything that Greece and the Mediterranean Sea has to offer, then charter a yacht with The Big Sail. We’ve worked hard to design a selection of itineraries that deliver breath-taking sights, authentic cuisine and a chance to see Greece off the beaten track.


What’s included in my chartered Yacht in Greece?

With The Big Sail, we work hard to make your yacht feel like a home. When you book a yacht charter in Greece, you’ll have your own yacht, which will become your home for the week. You’re free to sail, relax, party and sleep at your own pace, and we’ll make sure that your yacht comes with everything you’ll need for an incredible week of island hopping.


What happens on a Greek yacht holiday?

An exclusive itinerary!

In 2017 The Big Sail will take you on a week-long adventure around the Greek islands of the Saronic Gulf. If you’d rather visit another part of Greece, Croatia, Turkey, France, Italy, or anywhere else worldwide, check out our other destinations.

We start our journey from Athens, Greece.

Interactive map athens


Alimos Marina in Athens is where your adventure begins! It is the largest marina in the Eastern Mediterranean and where you’ll be introduced to your yacht before setting sail for the week. The marina has a fantastic selection of bars and restaurants, so you’ll be sure to have a great first night to your week. Athens is the perfect place to celebrate the start of the best week of your life!




Hydra is an idyllic Mediterranean town; a paradise of restaurants, bars & magnificent views. Famous for having no cars, just donkeys for transportation, and for being the island hideout of several famous characters, including the Rolling Stones. It’s unsurprising that Hydra is said to be a ‘must do’ in the Saronic Gulf. With plenty of fantastic snorkelling, diving and swimming opportunities, Hydra is perfect for a truly amazing evening ashore!




Dhokos is only a short sail away from Hydra, and has one of the most spectacular sunsets in the Aegean Sea. We raft the yachts together in this unspoilt, natural bay for an incredible evening. Cook dinner on-board as you watch the sun go down, then socialise between the boats, to your own soundtrack, until the early hours. Dhokos is a fantastic place for a late night swim and for those few who see it, the sunrise is breathtaking.

Visit Dhokos with the Big Sail


Poros is the biggest town on our route and always has a fun and lively atmosphere. Its many tavernas with authentic Greek cuisine, the wide selection of shops and the fantastic nightlife, make Poros an unforgettable island.  As well as the great opportunity for water-skiing and other water-sports, we can book quad bikes & mopeds for you to explore this stunning place at your own pace!


Aegina Town

Famous for its beaches, Aegina is often the first & last calling point on our route owing to its close proximity to Athens. The town quay is where we recommend mooring up for one of the nights you visit; the perfect location in the heart of the excitement, just a stone’s-throw away from all the bars and restaurants that Aegina has to offer.



Perdika is a beautiful little anchorage to the south of Aegina Island, where we’ll spend our last night out on the water. Anchor up then swim or row ashore for a seafood dinner at the awesome little Greek beach taverna. The perfect place for a party on the beach – bring your week to the perfect end with music and dancing under the stars!



Whilst we’d advise that it is safer and more fun to follow our suggested route, it is your charter, so if you fancy a night off-route somewhere within your capabilities then go for it! Every day you can choose where to stop off for lunch and a swim anyway so this itinerary is by no means an exhaustive list!

Fancy sailing in a different country? Enquire about a private charter today to find out about our options in other parts of Greece, Croatia, Turkey & Italy.

This itinerary is a guide only, certain aspects of the route may change each week owing to weather variations or logistical reasons.


How does it work?


With The Big Sail, we make it easy to enjoy a Greek yacht holiday. We’ll match you with a suitably sized yacht for your group size; each yacht sleeps up to ten people, so book one or more, and then select your week. When you book, you’ll then be able to choose your yacht and hire a skipper to do the hard work for you, or, if you prefer and have the required certification, you’ll be able to take charge the yacht yourself.


Private yacht charter in Greece


We’re proud to offer a fully bespoke yacht charter service, tailoring trips to meet your exact requirements. Whether you’re looking for a romantic week with your partner, an educational break for your family and friends or an action-packed adventure with your work colleagues, we’ve got you covered. What’s more, we can accommodate an unlimited number of travellers, and travel to almost any location in the Mediterranean or Caribbean.



If you’re looking for an unforgettable yacht holiday in Greece, then choose The Big Sail. Click here to get a quote, and if you’re aged 18-25 and in full time education don’t forget to take advantage of our generous student discount.