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Balearic Islands
Ibiza Sailing Holidays

The Balearic Islands are a stunning cluster of islands scattered off of the coast of mainland Spain. Here you will find a great mix of famous and hidden sailing spots to satisfy both the thrill-seekers and the laidback loungers in your group!

A week-long sailing charter departing from Palma de Mallorca will give you the perfect amount of time to explore a variety of destinations including the glamorous Port d’Andtrax, the famous Ibizia and the one of a kind Cala Mastella. Contact us for your tailor-made yacht charter quote, we’ll include a skipper if you need one plus a bespoke sailing itinerary for your group.




Day 1


Arrival & check-in, Palma de Mallorca

Start your journey in the capital of the Balearic Islands, the stunning and historic Palma de Mallorca. Less than 5 miles from the airport, you will be able to step off your flight and into this stunning waterfront city in no time. Once you’ve checked in, leave behind the breathtaking coastal views (there’ll be plenty of those still to come!) and set about exploring the winding cobbled streets that sprawl out from under the impressive Santa Maria Cathedral. You’ll come across countless tapas bars, restaurants and cafes that will quickly settle you into the relaxed and fun Spanish way of life – don’t get too carried away though, you have a week of adventures ahead of you…

Port d'Andtrax

Day 2


Port d’Andtrax

You’ll start your trip by sailing out and West from Palma de Mallorca past the famous spots of Magaluf, El Toro and Costa de la Calma until you reach the glamorous Port d’Andtrax. Known for it’s impressive and expensive holiday homes, Port d’Andtrax is a taste of Spanish coastal luxury. Once you arrive, you can choose to relax in the bars and restaurants that are scattered in the stunning harbour or venture inland to the ancient city of Andtrax.


Day 3



From Port d’Andtrax, enjoy a slightly longer sail to the northern tip of the famous party island of Ibiza and you will come across the slightly more subdued and relaxing Binrras beach. Famous for incredibly clear waters and breathtaking sunsets this beautiful spot is protected from strong wind by its natural enclosed shape to create a truly peaceful spot for you to unwind in after the busier Port d’Andtrax.


Day 4


Port Roig (Porroig)

Just a short sail away from Binirras you’ll find another relaxed beach spot in Porroig. Catch some sunshine from the sandy shore or get lost in the calm seas with a spot of snorkelling!


Day 5



Sail back into reality with Ibizia’s neighbouring island of Formentera. Despite being only 12 miles long, there’s plenty of things to see in Formentera! Climb up to see the views from one of the islands famous lighthouses, immerse yourself in Mediterranean history with a visit to the castles and churches. 


Day 6



From Formentera you’ll sail back north to the famous island of Ibiza. Known for its party scene, Ibiza has a lot more to offer than you might think! With a plethora of museums, old towns and cathedrals, the island of Ibiza is a great spot to get in touch with the history of the Balearic Islands. There are also a variety of unique and lesser known beaches to choose from if you want to ditch the crowds and head to the red cliff surrounded Sa Caleta, or forest S’Estanyol. When sun falls you’ll be spoilt for choice with restaurants, bars and clubs to spend the night in making the most of one of your last nights in the Mediterranean.


Day 7


Cala Mastella

You’ll spend your last full day in the Balearic Islands in one of the most unique cove beaches the island of Ibiza has to offer. When you arrive you’ll find crystal clear azure waters surrounded by towering pine woods that make the white beach feel incredibly secluded. A small pathway will take you to El Bigotes, widely considered the best spot to eat in Ibiza and famously difficult to get a reservation for so come prepared if you’re hoping to dine there!


Day 8


Palma de Mallorca

Finally it’s time to sail back to the stunning Port de Mallorca to say goodbye to the Balearic Islands. Take any spare time you have before you head home to explore more of what you have loved most about your charter. Whether it’s discovering more about historical sites, delicious cuisine, or taking in the sea air on the marina – Palma de Mallorca has it all!


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