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Western Italy
Amalfi Coast Sailing Holidays

Naples and the nearby islands and towns of the Amalfi Coast make for a fantastic sailing getaway, with comfortable distances between islands, stunning scenery and great sailing conditions throughout the summer.

Charter a yacht from Naples or Salerno for a week long sailing adventure to Italian hidden gems including Ischia, Amalfi, and Capri. Contact us for your tailor-made yacht charter quote, we'll include a Skipper if you need one plus we'll tailor this sailing itinerary to suit your group, including any islands & stop-overs you want to visit!




Day 1


Arrival & check-in, Naples

Start your Mediterranean getaway in the birthplace of great pizza, Naples! This southern coastal spot is brimming with traditional harbour town vibes that will get you into step with the relaxed Italian way of life. A short walk from the harbour you will be immersed in grand art and architecture including the impressive Duomo di San Gennaro and 13th Century Castel Nuovo. You will be spoilt for choice when it comes options for your first dinner of the trip! We recommend making the most of the historic Neopolitan food traditions and experiencing a proper brick oven pizza in the very town that first created it.


Day 2


Procida & Ischia

Depart Naples and sail west towards the ‘the Island of Eternal Youth’, Ischia. To make the most of your first day sailing, you can break up the trip by stopping off at the tiny yet stunning island of Procida. This 4km square oasis is filled with colourful pastel houses and intertwined with lemon groves. Procida is a great spot to relax with some lunch and watch the local fisherman come and go.

Once you’re ready to say goodbye to Procida, you’ll continue your journey just a short while to reach the largest island in the area, Ischia. This volcanic island is known for it’s mineral rich hot springs and natural thermal mud baths. There are plenty of sea view restaurants and bars to unwind in before heading back to your boat in the historic harbour.


Day 3



Sailing away from Ischia and directly across the Bay of Naples, you will encounter the famous rocky coastline of Capri. This island is famous for a variety of things on land including lavish hotels and great Limoncello liqueur, however the most beautiful attraction can actually be found below sea level! The Blue Grotto is an underwater cave that glows a brilliant azure colour when lit up by the sun shining through the clear ocean. Exploring the Blue Grotto is a once in a lifetime experience that will undoubtedly be the centre of dinner conversation that evening in one of the many harbour side restaurants.


Day 4



On day four you will return to mainland Italy from the islands and discover the naturally unique and wonderful town of Amalfi. You will undoubtedly recognise the mountainous surroundings of Amalfi as images of the location are widely spread and have become synonymous with Mediterranean beauty. Amalfi is buzzing with busy piazzas and beaches that will be sure to re-invigorate you from the sleepy island life.


Day 5



Just a short float around the Sorrentine Peninsula and past the stunning coastal gems of Torca, Nerano, Termini, you will arrive in the clifftop town of Sorrento. Due to it’s high vantage point, you will be able to marvel at sweeping water views as you familiarise yourself with the maze of historic cobblestoned streets that make up this antique destination. Sorrento is famous for it’s ceramics, textiles and marquetry shops so this is an excellent spot to pick up some local mementos to remember your week sailing the Italian coast!


Day 6



The last stop before returning to Naples is the world famous and historically significant Pompeii. The preserved remains of Pompeii and Herculaneum offer a hands on experience of Italy’s distant history. However, they’re not the only thing to see in the area. To the south you will find the grandiose Greek temples of Paestum and Poseidonia and to the north the stunning underwater archaeological park Gaiola that is home to the famous drowned statues. However you choose to spend your day, you will be certain to leave Pompeii wiser!


Day 7


Return to Naples

Finally it’s time to sail back to beautiful Naples for your last evening in the Mediterranean. Take this last day to explore more of what you have loved most about your charter. Whether it’s discovering more about historical sites, delicious cuisine, or taking in the sea air on the marina – Naples has it all!

Check-out is at 9am Saturday morning – depart Italy or begin your next adventure.


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