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Aeolian Islands
Sicily Sailing Holidays

The Aeolian Islands offer a truly unique Mediterranean experience! This volcanic collection of islands sit 25 miles off of the northeast coast of Sicily and offer and exciting twist on the traditional relaxed sailing holiday.

Charter a yacht from the stunning harbour at Portorosa for a 7 day escape into the Aeolian Islands. You’ll spend your week snorkelling and diving, exploring coastal villages, encountering active volcanoes and much more all against a breathtaking Mediterranean backdrop. Get in touch to start planning your tailor-made yacht charter quote, we'll include a Skipper if you need one plus a bespoke sailing itinerary for your group.




Day 1


Arrival & check-in, Portorosa

Start your journey in the stunning harbour at Portorosa! Submerge yourself in the tranquil North Sicilian natural landscape, or make a short journey from the Marina to find traditional Cathedrals and restaurants dotted along cobblestone streets. This incredibly peaceful part of Italy is the perfect spot to rest and relax before taking on everything that the Aeolian Islands has to offer!


Day 2



Sailing away from the peaceful greenery of Portorosa, the rocky island of Vulcano is an incredible contrast! The view of the huge volcano cropping out from the peaceful ocean has been impressing people for centuries, the Ancient Romans believed it to be the chimney of the Gods. Here you can treat yourself to a mud bath, whilst taking in the unique landscape that has been formed by thousands of years of hardened lava being eroded by forceful winds.


Day 3



Sailing northeast from Vulcano, you will encounter another volcanic wonder of the Aeolian Islands. Stretching over 300ft into the sky, Stromboli is somewhere that has to be seen to be believed! The most mesmerising views come out after sunset when red lava can be seen cascading down to the sea on the northwest face.


Day 4



This lesser known island will give you a chance to explore what there is to see below sea level! This small island is bursting with amazing snorkelling and diving spots, most famously the breathtaking Grotto del Bue Marino. Inhabited by only a few small villages, Filicudi will give you a chance to embrace the most peaceful scenes of clear waters lapping against the untouched, rocky coastline.


Day 5



As one of Sicily’s first national parks the natural beauty that sprawls across the twin peak mountains of this island is fiercely protected and can be explored in all its glory. Salina is famous for excellent fruity wine, you can hire a moped to explore nearby villages and vineyards and judge it for yourself! Wine and other local delicacies can be enjoyed in open terraced bars and restaurants that offer spectacular views of the nearby Stromboli’s volcanic activity.


Day 6



This is the busiest of all the Aeolian Islands and is a great place to explore history dating back to prehistoric times. Spend your last moments in the Aeolian islands immersing yourself in picturesque streets, castle walls, and thermal springs. 


Day 7


Return to Portorosa

Return to Portorosa to check out and start planning your next adventure! The town has a huge range of traditional style restaurants and bars to enjoy your last evening in Sicily!

Check-out is at 9am Saturday morning – depart Italy or begin your next adventure.


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