Thank you for booking with The Big Sail!

This payment page is for the private charter onboard an Oceanis 440, with skipper Panos Lekkas, for 1 week starting from Athens on August 6th 2016.

Booking includes: Oceanis 440 with 4 cabins, Skipper, Cleaning at end of charter, Dinghy & Outboard


1. The payment has been split into 2 instalments and needs to be paid by each group member. Thank you for paying the first amount already

2. To secure the booking we kindly ask for the final payment of €225 per person as soon as possible please.

3. This payment is due on Wednesday 13th July 2016.

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Shortly after your payment is received you will be able to log into your group portal & view all details for your booking, including photos of your yacht.

Please read all our booking Terms and Conditions before paying your deposit. All yacht charters start at 5pm local time on the start date and finish at 9am on the final day of your holiday.

 Terms & Conditions

If you are experiencing problems with the payment system please Contact Us