If you want to sail the boat yourself, all you need are two people with either an International Certificate of Competence (ICC) in sailing or with RYA Day Skipper certificates as a minimum.

We can provide fully qualified, experienced Skippers who will help you sail your yacht for the week if you don’t have anyone experienced enough to take charge of your yacht. All our Skippers are commercially endorsed – to get that, skippers need to take first aid & sea survival courses, have a medical exam to check their fitness & be able to sail to a high standard, so these guys and girls know their stuff! Skippers know the exact route, where’s good to stop and see and where to go in the evenings. They will ensure you have the best time possible!

You can do as much or as little sailing as you want and the skippers will help you learn to sail if you are keen! It’s a great opportunity to have a fun holiday and learn something exciting and new at the same time!


A Host will save you from the hassle of cooking, washing dishes and supermarket shopping, to help you fully enjoy the holiday and actually have a week off! You can only add a Host if you also have one of our Skippers on board.

A Host will prepare breakfast, lunch & dinner (dinner maximum 2-3 nights a week), they will serve drinks with dinner, wash the dishes after meals & will ensure the galley area stays clean and tidy. They will also do a small amount of food shopping during the week to top up on daily supplies of things best bought fresh like bread, milk & salad. We recommend that if you have a Host, you should also select the ‘Fully Stocked Yacht’ option when booking to make your life even easier!

All of our skippers & host have been hand selected by the team at The Big Sail to ensure all our guests have a fun, safe and relaxing week.

Interested in joining us as a Skipper or Host?