Brand Ambassador

Promote The Big Sail at your University or on Twitter & Facebook!

We are always looking for new people to represent The Big Sail. Whether you are still at university, part of a company or just well connected; we have opportunities for you to become part of The Big Sail today!

Please email with a few lines about yourself, and we will contact you to find out more, and send you through our Brand Ambassador literature.

Note: Brand Ambassador is an unpaid role, however if you meet performance goals, you will receive a free place on a week with The Big Sail in Greece this Summer, and we’ll cover your flights too!



We need passionate, qualified and friendly people to take on the role of a Big Sail Skipper. Live the dream for 3 to 6 weeks in the summer, meet new people, sail in fantastic locations and get a lot of sailing experience on lots of different yachts.

Skippers will be in charge of the safety of the yacht and the guests on board. You will be expected to make sure the guests have a perfect holiday by recommending the best beach stop-offs and the best bars in each town, as well as teaching people the basics of sailing if they want to learn!

We may also be able to offer some work on our private charter weeks, which usually offer skippers more money in the way of tips!

Please email and attach your Skipper CV or a summary of your experience, qualifications and logged miles. We will contact you for an interview, send you through our Skipper literature, and if successful we may invite you for a Sailing assessment and networking weekend in the Solent as a final stage of the interview process.

Note: We require Skippers to have an RYA Yachtmaster (or international equivalent) and valid Skipper insurance in order to work for The Big Sail, and we remunerate each skipper based on their qualifications: RYA Commercially Endorsed Day Skipper or Coastal Skipper – £340 per week*; RYA Yachtmaster Coastal – £350 per week*; RYA Yachtmaster Offshore – £390 per week*; RYA Yachtmaster Ocean – £405 per week*. If your Yachmaster certificate is commercially endorsed, add £20 to these amounts. As a big sail Skipper you are representing our brand, and we will pay a performance-related bonus if any crew you have skippered for, book a holiday with us again for the following summer (full details in skipper documentation).

* This is the amount you will invoice us as a Skipper. All skippers are responsible to conform to the tax policies of their country. We can help organise low-cost Skipper insurance if you are not already covered.


If you are sociable, fun loving & passionate about cooking, we need YOU!

Your hours will be required to be flexible as you will be up in the morning to prepare breakfast for your guests, but equally some events can go on fairly late into the evening. You will of course have time in the day for socializing with the crew, swimming & sunbathing, but our guests come first, so you are kind of ‘on call’ most of the time and should be friendly and helpful to all guests on all yachts.

You do not necessarily need to be able to sail, although any experience on board a yacht is a bonus, and will make your life much easier! As a host, the following will be expected of you:

  • Prepare fresh and tasty meals – breakfast & lunches every day, dinner twice a week
  • Keeping the galley area clean and clutter free
  • Serving drinks on arrival into marinas in the afternoon and with dinner
  • Doing the washing up after mealtimes
  • Storing supermarket shopping onboard
  • Ensuring initial supplies of food are kept topped up with fresh items that are best bought daily (bread & milk etc.). The crew should allocate money for grocery shopping during the week.
  • Be knowledgeable about the area and offer tips on places of interest and restaurants suggestions to your guests
  • Look after your guests and be a good host at all times

Please email and attach your CV and a brief summary of any catering and/or boat experience. We will contact you for an interview, send you through our Host literature, and if successful we may invite you for an assessment and networking weekend in the Solent as a final stage of the interview process, where you will learn a few basics about sailing, learn how to cook on board a yacht and learn how to get paid for having the summer of a lifetime!

Note: We require Hosts to have some form of basic First Aid training & a Food safety certificate (we can let you know how to go about getting both!). Hosts will be remunerated at £280 per week, flights are not included. As a big sail Host you are representing our brand, and we will pay a performance-related bonus if any crew you hosted book a holiday with us for the following summer (full details in Host documentation).



If you and your friends are already planning on joining us this summer in Greece, you could get your place on the boat for FREE (or if you’re feeling generous – £50 off for everyone on board instead). We will select 1-2 people each week to be the official Big Sail photographers, and we will use your photographs on our website, twitter feed & facebook page. Please email and attach a brief portfolio of some of your photographs to apply.