We have yachts of different sizes to accommodate groups between 6 and 12 people depending on your needs and budget. Remember, if you fill a yacht with a group up to maximum capacity, the price per person will be  lower! See current availability and exact yacht prices on the booking page.

As well as paying for the yacht, you will need to cover its running-costs for the week. On average these boat costs will come to €15-€25 per person per week. We advise €50 per person to be put aside into a communal pot on each boat to cover these costs and to go towards the initial supermarket shop for your yacht too.


Additional Costs


Water & electricity (per yacht, per week)€30-50You’ll want fresh water for drinking or showering and shore-power to charge your phones and cameras
Fuel (per yacht, per week)€75-250Sometimes you’ll have to use the engine. The more you sail the lower this cost will be, but for catamarans and yachts with generators this could cost up to €400 in a week if you use the generator a lot and motor a lot.
Damage deposit (per yacht)€2000-3500Refundable on return of the boat in the same condition as you received it in. Alternative €25 per day non-refundable payment is usually an option too but will depend on the exact yacht quoted.
Greece Port Fees (per yacht, per night)€15-40Each marina or town quay where you can tie your yacht up and walk ashore into town will have a small fee per night – usually fairly low, or sometimes free in Greece. Expect to pay extra for water or electricity.
Croatia Port Fees (per yacht, per night)€70-150Croatia has a lot of full-service marinas with showers, water & electricity included plus they are generally fairly clean and they have staff to help you moor up too. This service comes at a cost, and marinas tend to be €75 for smaller boats and can be up to €150 per night for larger monohulls and catamarans.
Caribbean Port fees (per yacht, per night)$25-100Mooring buoys tend to be around $25-30 USD, whereas marinas are around $100. Water and electricity is often extra in marinas.



Skipper€170 per day (+ food)See here for more info on Skippers. A skipper will require their own cabin it is customary you should cover their meal costs when you dine out, as well as onboard.
Host/extra crew member€160 per day (+ food)See here for more info on Hosts. A host will require their own cabin it is customary you should cover their meal costs when you dine out, as well as onboard.
Outboard engine & fuel for dinghy€90-150Every yacht comes with a dinghy and oars, but if you want an engine and fuel, that’s usually an extra – we will let you know what is included and not in your quote.
Damage waiver€25-35 per dayAs an alternative to paying a damage deposit (fully refunded if no damage), you can usually pay a non-returnable €25 per day ‘damage waiver’ instead. One less thing to worry about. Please request this option before your charter begins for an exact price for your specific yacht.
Provisioning€0/€50 + cost of shoppingIn most destinations we have partnered with provisioning companies which we will share with you – you simply use their website or order form to place your food and drink order and it will be delivered to your yacht when you arrive to check-in. If there is no provisioning service operating in your destination, we can purchase your provisions in advance for you for a cost of €50 plus the cost of the shopping.
Airport Transfer€10-15 per person each wayThe exact price depends on the number of people you are travelling with and the destination. This will be quoted after booking if requested.
The Big Sail Crew Polo Shirt€25These will be available to purchase after you have booked with us and are practical, smart and comfortable – perfect for sailing!

Click here to see exactly what is included in your booking and what extras you can add to customise your experience.